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Which HealthSure program covers Specialist appointments?  All HealthSure Insurance products contain coverage for Specialist consultations and appointments.

What is the Specialist Coverage for?  If you are referred by your General Practitioner (GP) to a specialist Physician for assessment while insured under HealthSure, and the specialist Physician confirms that the assessment cannot be provided within forty-five (45) consecutive days of the referral by the GP, the Policy will pay for the cost of an assessment by a specialist Physician approved by the HealthSure Claims Department, subject to the following:

  1. the referral by the GP is to a specialist Physician in one of the following medical specialties: Orthopaedics; Cardiology; Neurology; General Surgery; Gastroenterology;  Ear, Nose and Throat; Ophthalmology; Urology; Rheumatology; Spine Team; and

  2. the assessment is for the purpose of determining a condition which may result in a diagnostic test or surgical treatment.

Where will my Appointment be? HealthSure Claims will make the first available appointment with the appropriate specialist Physician at the geographical location closest to the Insured Person.

How quickly will I have an appointment? HealthSure Claims will make every effort to schedule the special Physician assessment within twenty one (21) days from the referral by the GP and/or approval of the request.

Are travel expenses covered?  No. Travel expenses to the specialist Physician are not included.

When does the insurance kick in?  An Insured Person’s coverage under the Limited Specialist Coverage Benefit will commence on the first of the month following ninety 90 days from the Effective Date of an Insured Person’s HealthSure coverage.  No coverage will be provided for specialist Physician referrals for new medical conditions made during this waiting period.

How many times can I see a specialist? HealthSure provides an Individual Insured Client a maximum of two assessments per Insured Client per coverage period. Under the Couple Plan, Single with Children Plan or Family Plan, HealthSure provides for a maximum of three assessments in total for all Insured Persons per coverage period. 

What about follow-up consultations? Each assessment includes an initial and follow-up consultation.

What is a coverage period?  A coverage period is defined as one Calendar Year from the Effective Date of an Insured Person’s HealthSure coverage.