B E N E F I T   S U M M A R Y
  • No medical underwriting or medical questionnaire
  • No deductible or co-payments
  • Eligible to age 74
  • Approved travel expenses for diagnostics and surgery
  • Lifetime benefit maximum of $1,000,000 CDN. Payments made directly to the service provider—the insured does not have to pay first, then seek reimbursement
  • Covers pre-existing conditions once the policy has been in effect for 24 consecutive months (See Policy for details.)

S P E C I A L I S T    C O V E R A G E

HealthSure Basic provides expedited access to Specialist consultations in 10 Specialist categories:  

  • Cadiology

  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Spine Team
  • Urology

What is HealthSure Plus?

When placed on a medical wait-list greater than 45 days, HealthSure Plus allows immediate access to diagnostic examinations, Specialist consultations, and surgical procedures. HealthSure Plus is also available for groups of 2 or more.

HealthSure Plus Rates for Individuals

For groups of 2 or more, please click here.

at Jan 1
with Children
Under 3044.6971.1975.60102.10
30 - 3951.5184.8279.01112.35
40 - 4461.34104.4790.40133.53
45 - 4975.49132.80102.10159.40
50 - 5485.59152.98111.33178.73
55 - 5994.77171.36120.84197.41
60 - 64104.42190.63126.85213.08
65 - 69118.74218.68140.81241.36
Over 69132.98247.80157.51272.32

Covered Benefits and Services

​HealthSure Plus covers Surgical and Medical Services which are directly related to the approved surgery, including services for an anesthesiologist and assisted Surgeons when required. Included are pre-surgical consultations and/or tests to determine if the surgery is medically necessary. Additional coverage includes hospital accommodation, related  inpatient services and supplies, accommodation and meals for travelling companions (surgery), and transportation to and from surgical or diagnostic facility.

Application Process: Application forms should be submitted through your broker and are accepted by email. Premiums are payable monthly or annually by automatic EFT, Visa or MasterCard.

HealthSure Plus insurance expedites and pays for
diagnostic exams, Specialist appointments and surgical procedures.

HealthSure Plus

Acure Health is the distributor of HealthSure (Medical Access Insurance). Our products are sold exclusively by licensed insurance representatives.
​Please have your benefit consultant or insurance agent contact us. If you require an agent, we can provide you with names of licensed representatives in your area.

HealthSure Insurance Employee Benefits Pays For And Expedites MRI and CT Scans
​as well as Specialist appointments and Surgery in private facilities in Canada and the U.S.

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