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HealthSure (Medical Access Insurance) policy is underwritten by Certain Lloyd's Underwriters and administered by MSH INTERNATIONAL (CANADA) LTD.​

Acure Health is the distributor of HealthSure (Medical Access Insurance). Our products are sold exclusively by licensed insurance representatives.
​Please have your benefit consultant or insurance agent contact us. If you require an agent, we can provide you with names of licensed representatives in your area.

­HealthSure Coverage Comparison Chart

Coverage or ServiceHealthSure BasicHealthSure Plus
MRI Scans

CAT or CT Scans

Additional Diagnostics

Hospital & Inpatient Services

Surgical & Medical Services

Second Opinion

Medical References

Transportation (for Surgical Procedures)

Accommodation & Meals for Companion

AIDS or AIDS Related Diseases

Specialist Consultations

Critical Illness

HealthSure Basic coverage: only available for groups of two or more
The Enhanced product is available on an individual optional basis for employees in the group to provide the same comprehensive coverage as our Plus program.

HealthSure Plus coverage: available for groups or individuals
Upgradable through Premium to provide the additional coverage of guaranteed issue Critical Illness insurance.

Coverage Comparison