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HealthSure (Medical Access Insurance) policy is underwritten by Certain Lloyd's Underwriters and administered by MSH INTERNATIONAL (CANADA) LTD.​

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This Policy does not provide Medical Access Insurance Benefits for the following:

1. Services and supplies that are:

  • Not Medically Necessary;
  • Not recommended or approved by a Physician;
  • Not rendered within the scope of the Physician’s license;
  • Furnished by a government plan, Hospital or institution unless the Insured Person is legally required to pay for the services;
  • Charged in excess of the Maximum Amount Payable;
  • Provided without prior written Pre-Authorization by Us; or
  • Provided after the termination date of an Insured Person’s Medical Access Insurance, except as outlined under subsection 18 Effect on Claims of Termination of Insurance, under the heading General Policy Terms.

2. Injury or Sickness occurring during or arising from an Insured Person’s course of employment for which benefits are provided or payable under Workers’ Compensation or under any Act or Law which provides benefits for such Injury or Sickness  for which an Insured Person failed to file a claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits for which they were eligible.

3. Injury or Sickness caused by:  an act of declared or undeclared war; service in the military forces of any country, including non-military units supporting such forces; the Insured Person committing or attempting to commit civil tort or an indictable offence, taking part in a riot (meaning the Insured Person is taking an active part in common with three or more others by using or threatening to use force or violence without authority of law).

4. Injury or Sickness, while sane or insane, resulting from or related to self-inflicted sickness or injury,  flagrant self-abuse such as continued behaviour contrary to a Physician’s recommendation, suicide, threatened suicide, alcohol abuse, or drug addiction or abuse.  This includes an accident where alcohol or drugs were involved; treatment related to any psychological, mental, Nervous or emotional disorders, treatment of any sexually transmitted disease, except as indicated under sub section 2 c) vi) in this section.

5. Procedures, devices, services, supplies, or drugs that We consider experimental or investigative in the area where service is received.

6. Plastic or cosmetic surgery, unless for reconstruction caused by a covered Injury, Sickness or a mastectomy.  Covered expenses are only payable if the Injury happens, or the Sickness is first diagnosed while insured by the Policy, and the covered expenses must be incurred while the Insured Person is insured under the Policy;

7. Treatment to remove a birthmark;

8. Services and supplies rendered to treat hair loss or to promote hair growth, including but not limited to hair transplants and wigs;

9. Routine physical exams, checkups, and related x-ray and lab expenses, drugs and medicines, except those prescribed in and taken home from the Hospital where permission was Pre-Authorized by Us;

10. Blood products storage where not necessary or not in conjunction with a scheduled covered surgery;

11. Blood products when replaced by donation;

12. Organ or tissue or transplants, including transplants for burns and related services, except corneal transplants;

13. The implant of an artificial organ or any service or supply in connection therewith;

14. Items or devices primarily used for comfort or commonly installed in homes, including but not limited to air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, whirlpool, air conditioning, water bed, exercise equipment or ultraviolet lighting;

15. Personal or home-based artificial kidney equipment;