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What is HealthSure Enhanced?

When placed on a medical wait-list greater than 45 days, HealthSure Enhanced provides immediate access to diagnostic examinations, Specialist consultations, and surgical procedures. HealthSure Enhanced is available as optional coverage to HealthSure Basic.

HealthSure Enhanced Premiums for Upgrades, Monthly per person

Discounted Premiums are listed in brackets for those groups who have 10 or more persons upgrading.

Age at Jan 1SingleCoupleSingle w/ChildrenFamily
Under 3021.04 (18.57)36.72 (32.39)39.32 (34.69)52.15 (46.01)
30 - 3925.08 (22.13)44.78 (39.51)41.35 (36.49)57.89 (51.08)
40 - 4437.23 (27.26)56.40 (49.76)48.07 (42.42)69.78 (61.57)
45 - 4939.26 (34.64)73.15 (64.56)54.99 (48.52)84.28 (74.36)
50 - 5445.23 (39.91)85.08 (75.07) 60.45 (53.35)95.12 (83.93)
55 - 5950.66 (44.54)95.94 (84.66)66.06 (58.29)105.60 (93.17)
60 - 6456.36 (49.73)107.35 (94.72)69.63 (61.46)114.38 (100.93)
65 - 6964.83 (57.21)124.28 (109.67)77.89 (68.72)130.24 (114.92)
Over 6973.26 (64.64)141.15 (124.54)87.76 (77.43)147.60 (130.24)

Enhanced Upgraded Coverage

HealthSure Enhanced includes HealthSure Basic coverage with the addition of surgical and medical services, including services for an anesthesiologist and assisted Surgeons when required. Also included are pre-surgical consultations and/or tests to determine if the surgery is medically necessary. Coverage includes hospital accommodation, related  inpatient services and supplies, accommodation and meals for travelling companions (surgery), and transportation to and from surgical or diagnostic facility.​

Diagnostics are also enhanced. In addition to MRI and CT Scans, Myelograms, Angiography, Angioplasty and Cardiac Catheterization are also covered.

Application Process

HealthSure Enhanced is an option that all group members can choose on their original HealthSure Basic application form or they can request the upgrade at a future date.  When more than 10 members in a group choose this optional insurance, then all the members receive discounted rates.  Applications should be submitted through your group insurance broker and are accepted by email. Additional premiums (see above chart) are payable monthly or annually by automatic EFT, Visa or MasterCard.

NOTE: If above rates differ from the Policy, the Policy rates will be used.

Our Enhanced insurance is optional coverage
for our Basic program which provides additional diagnostics and surgery.

HealthSure Enhanced

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